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Bridal Skin Care

All brides are by definition beautiful, but when you want to project an extra radiance, start with the basics. Of course cosmetics are important, but the canvas you paint on should be as clean as possible. Be extra vigilant with your skin care routine in the months before the wedding (hint: going to bed without washing off makeup is not an option).

This should include gentle cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, and application of your favorite sunscreen during the day. Step up the pampering masks to once a week—clay-based if your complexion is oily, or a deeply hydrating version if you tend toward dry skin. Keep lips in kissable condition with a specialized exfoliating product, followed by a nurturing lip balm full of Vitamin E or other combos of humectants and sunscreen.

If you like the savings and convenience of at-home facial peels then by all means indulge, but don't do anything major within ten days of your wedding date in case of a bad reaction. Banish under-eye bags on the big day with de-puffer packs and consider a dedicated mattifying anti-shine product if your face tends to turn slick. (Carry your favorite blotting papers along to the ceremony for touch-ups, too.)

And what of the dreaded badly-timed breakout? Apply an over-the-counter antibiotic cream, not a super-drying benzoyl peroxide product that may cause redness. Then layer a small amount of pimple-healing concealer atop the spot—a super-thin makeup brush does the job precisely.

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