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Bridal 2007: Bridal Hair Accessories

As I reported in our Bridal 2007 Hairstyles Trend guide, bridal hairstyles generally tend to follow the design trends from the major seasonal catwalks with celebrity hairstyle trends thrown into the mix. 

The Golden Globes, Grammy and Oscar Awards also play a significant part in dictating the hottest styles.  These same awards have a major impact in defining the latest accessory trends.  Several years ago Drew Barrymore appeared at a major awards show with fresh daisies tucked into her hair.  In short order daisy motifs exploded on everything from hair accessories to necklaces, earrings and bracelets. 

The simple act of wearing a gorgeous hair accessory can start a major accessory trend that trickles down to the season's bridal and weddings. Thanks to Natalie Portman and Charlize Theron at the recent Golden Globe Awards and Beyonce at the Grammy awards, hair accessories are more popular than ever for completing the perfect Bridal ensemble.  

Like the importance of selecting the perfect shoes and purse to match your gorgeous gown, it is important to select the best hair accessories that compliment your total look.

1. Diamond Headbands

Fashion trendsetter Natalie Portman recently moved headbands to the top of accessory pack when she strolled down the Golden Globe red carpet wearing a glorious diamond headband wrapped seductively around her undulating hair.  Encrusted with tiny sparkling crystal gems, the headband was the true star of the evening. Needless to say, the next day the fashion and beauty world was abuzz with the hot new hair accessory.  Headbands, especially the diamond encrusted, courture bands like Natalie was wearing, are officially sizzling hot for 2007.

2. Jeweled Combs
Jeweled combs also made a huge splash at the Golden Globes.  Charlize Theron (shown to the side) had her fashionably curly hair held in a sensual style behind one ear with a crystal encrusted comb. Not only was Charlize's hairstyle a perfect match for her gown and other accessories but the jeweled comb was a spectacular accent piece. It was simple but elegant adding a gorgeous finish to a sensual style. Hair combs have been a popular hair accessory since caveman days when pieces of animal teeth were used to fashion a primative comblike object to hold hair out of the face.  Since those humble beginnings, hair combs have transformed through many styles, materials and colors. Hair combs can be used as functional hair accessories to hold hair neatly in place, to anchor chignons, twists or buns or to help control unruly tresses.  Combs can also be used purely as accent pieces. Besides Charlize, other celebrities were spotted at the Golden Globes with an assortment of combs.  

3. Jeweled Hair Clips

Nothing does double duty so well as a crystal or jewel  encrusted hair clip that will not only anchor a soft messy ballerina bun to the back of your head but it will add instant glitter.  A gorgeous style clip can instantly dress up the most simple bun or twisted style by adding an instant high glimmer effect. Simply twist your hair into a looped bun or a ballerina style bun, open the clip and use it to anchor the bun or twist. Then carefully pull some loose strands around the perimeter of your style or at the back (as shown to the side) to create a messy look. Many celebrities favor similar clips for spur of the moment dress-up.

4. Simple But Elegant Crystal Hairpins
Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) from Sex And The City brought back the simple but elegant hairpin with a vengeance.  The beautiful blonde Carrie played by Sarah Jessica Parker was featured wearing everything from everyday bobby pins in a contrasting color to her buttery locks to wearing bobbies encrusted with Austrian crystals and other jeweled end pieces. Hairpins are perfect for securing big bangs to one side or to adding a well planned sparkle to a messy twist or updo.  Longer hairpins can be used as a faux headband. Crystal encrusted hairpins are one of the most flexible of hair accessories.  Not only can they do double duty as a functional hair tool but they can add a simple but elegant shimmer to any length or style of hair.  Even better, they are very easy to use, unlike some other types of accessories that may require practice to utilize properly. Although some jeweled hairpins have real gemstones like diamonds and rubies that may break your wedding budget, there are many different types of pins available in a range from $15 to $30 for a pair.  Check out silver hued bobbies to match your earrings or other jewelry accessories.  Look for crystal tipped hairpins to dress up any bridal gown

5. Elegant Crystal Barrettes
When Jessica Simpson married Nick Lachey in the Fall of 2002 she wore her hair in a soft pulled back style that was accented with rare antique brooches that had been converted into jeweled barrettes worth many hundreds of thousands of dollars. Barrettes, like hairpins, can be used as a functional hair tool to hold back a sweep of bangs or a few strands of hair at the back of the crown.  Barrettes can also be purely decorative adding instant glamour and glitz to a simple but elegant style like Jessica's bridal style crafted especially for her by celebrity stylist Ken Paves. Barrettes comes in a range of sizes from very small to very large.  You can find them in just about any color or shape and encrusted with a range of crystals, and rhinestones.  Select a barrette to match your other jewelry accessories.

Although headbands and jeweled combs are currently sizzling you will also be in vogue for your wedding with other hair accessories that might be more to your choosing. Crystal encrusted bobby pins and hair barrettes are still very popular for bridal styles. Whether you opt to go with a simple easy Bridal hairstyle or something more sophisticated, there is an endless array of beautiful hair accessories to fit your budget and your Bridal look. 

Thanks for Choosing Glam For Less!

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