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How do I choose my bridal jewelry?

Choosing the right bridal jewelry is one of the most important decision a bride makes for her wedding attire.

Though it may not be a huge investment, it is an important one! Before you make it, you should do the research just as you would before buying your gown. The most important thing to remember when selecting your bridal jewelry is to choose what you like.

At GlamForLess, we have answered the most commonly asked questions regarding selecting the best bridal jewelry and accessories.


Q1. I'm getting married in a formal, strapless dress, but I don't want to wear a veil. I'd like some kind of hair decoration -- what are some new ideas besides tiaras? Thanks.

Answer: There are wonderful little hats with feathers and mini veils, if you want to go high-fashion. Otherwise jeweled hair pins and clips are a great alternative..


Q2. I am a huge fan of vintage inspired or antique jewelry. Any advice on finding bridal jewelry?

Answer: That is another big trend right now. Plenty of jewelers have this look in their current collections. They are vintage inspired. If you want the real thing there are also jewelers who deal in estate jewelry. You should go on line and research your options. Go through different magazines and find jewelry you like. Then go on the jewelers Web site to view there entire collections.

  Q3. Do you think the look of tiara will ever retire? I personally prefer a tiara because it reminds me of being a princess on the wedding day.

Answer: It's all about personal style. If you want to look like a princess then you should!

Q4. In my October wedding, I'm only having my maid of honor stand with me -- the other bridesmaids with process and recess, but be seated during the ceremony. Because of this, I'm allowing them to pick any dress they like in a solid, autumn-y hue that's mid-length. My maid of honor and I chose her dress together, so they're chatting with both her and I about what to wear ... long story for short question. I'd like to get them gifts that they can wear/use then, but since they won't match I'm having a hard time with ideas. Thoughts?

Answer: How about earrings. They can either all be the same or match their individual gowns.


Q5.This may be more of a question for a hair stylist but it's my last detail to work out and I think a good hairstyle can really show off a dress and pull the ensemble together. Anyhow I'm having a hard time with hair for my bridesmaids (a.k.a. -- my sisters). They are wearing strapless dresses (mocha brown with an empire waist) and have asked they wear their hair down. I prefer their hair to be up but in the spirit of compromise, I have agreed. All four have varying lengths, but none are shorter than chin leg nth. Do you have any tips for what people are doing with their hair down that is soft and elegant?

Answer: Since I am not a hairstylist I can only give you my personal opinion on this. Decide if the girls look better with soft waves or stick straight hair. They do not all need to have the same style or put anything in their hair. A great necklace or amazing earrings will make them look elegant.

  Q6. Any tips on where to shop for elegant but affordable hair accessories (headbands, tiaras,)?

Answer: The only thing I can suggest is to look through different bridal magazines and look a the different headpieces they feature. Find the style you like that is in your price range and go on that designers website. They usually have quite a few options for you to choose from.
  Q7. I'm wearing a vintage, brocade gown with a structured boat neck. My hair is short. What kind of earrings would look best? Should I wear a necklace? (I have a strand of family pearls, but it's very long. I'm thinking of wrapping it around my wrist instead.)

Answer: Long necklaces are very in fashion right now and might look fine with your neckline. If you do decide to wear them, go with small stud earrings. If not, I would go with a more dramatic earring, large drops or chandeliers.
  Q8. What are the current trends in engagement rings?

Answer: There seems to be a return to the plain band as opposed to one with pave diamonds. More modern than estate. Also, people are going for non-traditional shapes and colored stones. Again, I always say it depends on your personal style and preference. It should be something you will want to wear every day, as opposed to what's currently in fashion.

Q9. To cut on down the cost of flowers -- another suggestion:

Answer: When I got married (at Rockwood Manor Park in Potomac), I decorated the ceremony area (gazebo) with small floral arrangements, which were then moved to the reception area to serve as table centerpieces. Worked well and saved a lot of money. Also, ask if you catering company will allow you to provide your own alcohol. You can save lots that way -- we had our caterer provide wine and soft drinks, and we provided beer and hard liquor. We just had it delivered to the caterer the day before the event and they brought everything to the site and set it up.


Q10. My fiance and I are very young, just out of college with our first jobs and looking to plan our wedding. Are there any times during the year that are "off peak" so to speak that may mean prices are cheaper and places more available to book?

Answer: Peak wedding season runs from May to September, and October is picking up steam as a top-demand and thus higher-priced month to marry. When you look outside of those times, you'll find lower prices and more availability, both in sites and in experts. Winter weddings are actually so on the rise that many of the big bridal magazines have upcoming stories on the great ways to plan a winter celebration. Prices, you'll find, are at around 65% of what they would be in peak months, so you can definitely save money with a simple choice of a calendar block. Just steer clear of big winter holidays, like New Year's Eve, when prices are much higher because it's a popular day. Do plenty of research, ask about special off-season prices, and -- this is important -- know that as bridal consumers, you have tremendous negotiating power to ask for add-ons, discounts and freebies. Going off-season is still offering great pricing and budget opportunities for couples.

Thank you again for visiting GlamForLess. We hope our answers were helpful.
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