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Top 10 Online Bird Pin Brooch  

Bird Pin Brooches encrusted in rhinestones are hot. The hottest trends features birds such as Hummingbirds, Flamingos, Mallard Ducks, Parrots, Bald Eagles, Owls, Swans and Doves.

Bird pin brooches, like the ones featured below were featured in the costume jewelry collection for fashion designers such as Perry Ellis to Prada for thousands of dollars each. Our affordable bird pin brooches complement the 1940s-style looks coming down the runway. With celebrities like Britney Spears wearing rhinestone pins and brooches, they have become a fashion statement.

  Bird Pin Brooch - Hummingbird with rhinestones #11544

  Bird Pin Brooch - Flamingo with rhinestones #11534
  Mallard Duck Bird Pin Brooch with rhinestones #11540
Parrot Bird Pin with rhinestones #11537
  Bald Eagle Bird Pin with rhinestones #11535

Owl Bird Pin Brooch with rhinestones #11547
  Swan Bird Pin Brooch with rhinestones #11539

Dove Bird Pin Brooch with rhinestones #11578
  Hummingbird and Flower Pin with rhinestones #11564

  Pretty fashions on the runway present the perfect backdrop for pin brooches. Pair rhinestone pins and brooches together for a big impact. Several small pave diamond birds, bees, butterflies, insects or animals on a short lapel or handbag are ideal; one large brooch with a conglomeration of gemstones in a geometric shape does well on a jacket. Couple matching brooches sprinkled with diamonds or two pins made of precious platinum on the straps of a dress for evening exuberance. Chic and sweet charms, reminiscent of girlhood are clustered together on oversized pave diamond safety pins and worn casual with jeans. Stickpins with pearls, flowers or stars look pristine in the hair or on a hat. The seasons must have necklaces, multistrand pearls and belly dusting yellow gold chains, paired neck to a brooch look quite right. A brooch can also be handy as a cloak closure or makeshift button in the center of an undersized jacket.
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