Italian Charm Bracelets or Diamond Costume Jewelry

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  Top 6 online Fake Diamonds

Fake diamonds are all the rage. Fake diamonds are winding up on stars like Madonna, Cameron Diaz, J-Lo, Minnie Driver, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Drew Barrymore and Gwen Stefani.

The trend is to have fun, be a little gaudy and pile on some fake diamond jewelry. Jewelry is very playful. It's about having a good time. And stars aren't afraid of wearing the fanciful trinkets everywhere from the red carpet to their album covers. Some stars even adorned fake jewelry at the Golden Globes and Oscars.

Our fake diamonds exude elegance and beauty without the costly price tag. At GlamForLess, we offer a stunning collection of fake diamonds for every occasion. From parties to weddings and soirees to galas, we've got you covered. Our imitation diamond collection combines the glamour of old Hollywood with a retro twist on current trends.

Celebrities, Stars, models and socialites are flashing diamond jewelry worth hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars on the red carpet. Can’t afford the real thing? Do what women have been doing for ages: Fake It.

  Graduated Spray fake Diamonds #11659 Graduated Spray Fake Diamonds

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Oyster Glimmer Fake Diamonds

#12602 Oyster Glimmer Fake Diamonds

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  Flower Bib Necklace Fake Diamonds #11697 Flower Bib Necklace Fake Diamonds

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  Octagon Flower Fake Diamonds

#11695 Octagon Flower Fake Diamonds

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  Graduated Loop Fake Diamond Necklace #12201 Graduated Loop Fake Diamond Necklace

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  Rhinestone Drip Fake Diamond Necklace #12022 Rhinestone Drip Fake Diamond Necklace

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  Fine Pearl and Rhinestone Graduated Necklace #12444 - Fine Pearl and Rhinestone Graduated Necklace

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Once someone discovers fake diamonds, it is inconceivable why they would not want everlasting elegance, saving thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars in the process, banking the difference. It is a fact that jewelry lovers are not acting out of charity when they buy diamond jewelry—endeavoring to make jewelers, mined diamond dealers, and the diamond cartel richer than they already are.

No way to tell the difference with the naked eye: Scientists have synthesized and created diamond alternatives that are so ostensibly close to a mined diamonds that even certified gemologists require scientific testing equipment to tell the difference. Breakthrough advances have made the latest fake diamonds closely mimic the properties of mined diamonds. They cut glass, they refract light into perfect hearts-and-arrows, and they have superlative fire and brilliance. In fact, in almost all measurable variations, they match or are superior to mined diamonds.

No pricing gymnastics: A common practice in retailing mined diamond jewelry is to use phantom prices and then show impressive discounts in an effort to lure buyers. This practice is called phantom pricing. With lab-created diamonds this deception is not possible because the prices are low to begin with, leaving no room to use phantom pricing.

No reason to constantly police your synthetic diamond jewelry: Do you forever want worry that you will lose expensive jewelry pieces, damage them, or have them stolen? Do you want to feel compelled to buy a home safe? When you travel, do you want to be burdened with frequently thinking about the security of your jewelry? With fake diamonds all these concerns disappear.

No need to buy insurance: In a short time, what you’d pay in extra premiums to insure just a few pieces of mined diamond jewelry, you could fill your jewelry box with fake diamonds. But that is not the worst of it. Insurance is an ongoing never-ending expense.

No secret mined diamond dirty tricks and scams: All mined diamonds have flaws, birthmarks, and vary in quality. These realities are a breeding ground for a buffet mined diamond fraud that victimizes and robs consumers. From grade bumping to laser drilling to fracture filling, the mined diamond industry is awash in unscrupulous business practices. Fake diamonds are uniform, flawless, and priced low so frauds simply do not exist.

No supporting the diamond cartel: It all starts at the top with the De Beers diamond cartel, which would run afoul of federal anti-trust laws if headquartered in the united states. Diamonds are in fact cheap to produce and would be lower in price if it weren’t for the global cartel. Its aim is to maintain a strong monopoly position, an objective which it has successfully achieved for decades. In controlling the mined diamond market, De Beers has exploited a relatively simple idea: put a stranglehold on production, hold inventory, and limit distribution, thereby keeping prices stratospheric, and making diamond alternative engagement rings a popular choice. What makes De Beers so special is its execution. Over the past 60 years the cartel has done for mined diamonds something that eluded the oil producers of OPEC and even the cocaine barons of the Medellin cartel. De Beers has the muscle and the nerve to impose its own order on the market and has built a dominate juggernaut syndicate.

No “slave” or child labor used: Diamond mining operations are rife with horrific conditions and have a long history of dehumanizing humiliating practices. Debt slavery and child labor is common in diamond cutting operations in India, where much of the world’s diamonds are cut and polished.

No conflict stones: It is no secret that from the beginning of the modern mined diamond industry in the 1800s through today that mined diamonds are used to support regional wars, help fund murder on a grand scale, and contribute to genocide. Fake diamonds are created in a lab by technicians at a reasonably low cost and, therefore, cannot possibly be used as a currency for human misery.

Prestige: While there is no prestige in overpaying, there is tremendous prestige in enhancing your existing wardrobe with beautiful man made diamonds on a budget. You can accessorize and glamorize till your heart’s content, with a smile on your face, showing you are a person of stature at any occasion or event.

Thanks for Choosing Glam For Less!