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  Home - Gemstone Necklace    
  Gemstone Necklace Jewelry        
  Sterling Silver Gemstone Necklace collection. The Gemstone necklace is getting even more popular. This now classic design is here to stay. Buy your gemstone necklace today. Sometime referred to as the Oprah's gemstone necklace or the style of hollywood necklace.      

Sterling Silver Clear and Lavender CZ Gemstone Necklace
Add a touch of elegant style to your wardrobe with this sterling silver cubic zirconia gemstone necklace. Created in sterling silver, the gemstone necklace features a three-stone stationary pendant with two clear cubic zirconia stones and one lavender stone, all in prong settings. This stylish necklace is presented on an 18-inch rolo chain secured by a spring ring clasp.



Sterling Silver CZ Rectangle Gemstone Necklace
Add just the right sparkle to your wardrobe with this fun, stylish pendant. Specifications: Sterling silver. Tarnish-free rhodium plating. Briolette-cut lavender cubic zirconia. Border of round white cubic zirconia.



Sterling Silver Champagne CZ Heart Gemstone Necklace
A heart-shape champagne cubic zircon stone takes center stage in a raised setting. A ring of prong-set round cubic zirconia accents the champagne stone. Made of sterling silver the gemstone necklace features a platinum-tone rhodium plating that creates a brilliant shine. The gemstone necklace includes an 18-inch chain which closes with a spring ring clasp.



Sterling Silver Violet CZ Gemstone Necklace
Light up any special outfit with the violet radiance of this Sterling Silver Tanzanite-tone CZ gemstone necklace. Made of sterling silver. Platinum-tone rhodium plating creates a brilliant shine and resists tarnish. A rectangular cubic zirconia stone with violet tanzanite coloring takes center stage in a raised setting. A ring of prong-set round cubic zirconias accents the violet stone. Includes an 18-inch chain which closes with a spring ring clasp.



Sterling Silver Pink and White CZ Heart Gemstone Necklace
Sparkling pink and white cubic zirconia enhance this romantic heart gemstone necklace. Made of sterling silver, the gemstone necklace features two interlocking hearts decorated with round CZ's. Goldtone beading decorates the pink CZ heart. This pendant weighs approximately 5.5 grams and comes complete with a 16-inch sterling silver chain. As a gift for someone special or a treat for yourself, this pendant is a bargain at our low online price.



Sterling Silver Pave CZ Sexy Rolo Link Necklace
Crafted in sterling silver, this stylish and flirty necklace features a dazzling c
ubic zirconia centerpiece that spells the word sexy. Sterling silver. Round pave-set cubic zirconias. Rolo link chain. Lobster clasp on chain. 18 inches long.



Sterling Silver Blue CZ Heart Gemstone Necklace
Accentuate any look with this sterling silver cubic zirconia heart gemstone necklace. The heart gemstone necklace features round bead-set cubic zirconia surrounding a blue, heart-shaped CZ centerpiece in a prong setting. Crafted of rhodium-plated sterling silver, it is accompanied by an 18-inch snake chain which is secured by a spring ring clasp.



Sterling Silver Pink CZ Purse Gemstone Necklace
Create a stylish, fun look with this purse gemstone necklace. Crafted of genuine sterling silver, the gemstone necklace features a tarnish-free rhodium plating. Pink cubic zirconia and gentle filigree accents complete the purse design.



Sterling Silver Champagne and Olive CZ Link Gemstone Necklace
Show off your contemporary tastes with the sterling silver champagne and olive cubi
c zirconia link gemstone necklace.
Sterling silver with rhodium plating. Prong-set oval shape champagne and olive hued CZs. Unique linked motif. Bezel-set round clear CZ accents. Includes an 18-inch sterling silver chain. Closed by a spring ring clasp.



Cubic Zirconia Swirl and Purple Drop Gemstone Necklace
Enhance your style with this distinctive sterling silver swirl gemstone necklace. The beautiful sterling silver necklace features clear Cubic zirconia stones fitted in the swirls, accompanied by a purple Cubic zirconia drop charm.



Sterling Silver Olive Briolette and Clear CZ Gemstone Necklace
Crafted in polished sterling silver, this gemstone necklace showcases links bezel-
set clear cubic zirconias with thirteen olive briolette-cut cubic zirconias dangling off the links. Sterling silver with rhodium plating. Thirteen olive briolette CZs. Round bezel-set clear CZs. Spring ring clasp. Choose 16 or 18-inch length.



Sterling Silver Champagne CZ Teardrop Gemstone Necklace
Dress up your wardrobe with this sophisticated champagne
cubic zirconia pendant sparkling in sterling silver. Sterling silver with rhodium plating. Cubic zirconias. Champagne stone in center (12 x 20 mm). Clear stones boarder center stone. Intricate filigree design on setting. 18-inch-long silver chain with spring ring clasp.



Sterling Silver CZ Circle of Love Pendant Gemstone Necklace
Add some elegant modern style to your jewelry collection with this sterling silver and cubic zirconia pendant. Bead-set round CZs decorate the dangling circles that form the pendant. Made of sterling silver, the pendant and chain shine with highly polished anti-tarnish plating. A spring ring clasp closes the 16-inch-long chain.



More about Gemstone Necklaces
Gemstones in their many shades of color have fascinated mankind for thousands of years. The ancients attributed magical, mystical powers to each stone, and believed that many of them could cure specific ailments. Even today, we revere colored stones as beautiful, unique, and as a means of personal expression and individuality for their wearers.

However, precious stones of good size, color, clarity and cut are so rare that a natural, unenhanced fine-quality stone can be worth as much or more per carat than a diamond of comparable quality. Meanwhile, demand has risen for many stones to the point where nature could not possibly produce enough of them in the specifications desired.

As a way to help serve rising demand and make these stones more affordable and available, gem laboratories have produced synthetic stones and simulants that have the look of natural stones at a fraction of the cost. Keep in mind that there are synthetics and/or simulants out on the market for many colored stones, and reputable jewelers will disclose any synthetic gems or gem simulants that they are selling. To understand what you are buying, here are some key facts about these two growing categories.

Synthetic or "lab-created" stones are grown using the same elements as natural stones. They have the same physical, optical and chemical properties as a natural stone. Lab-created stones also have the same mineral content as naturals. The only difference is that a synthetic stone was created in a factory rather than in the ground. Lab technicians have recreated the conditions of nature and speeded them up by a few million years.

One of the advantages of synthetic stones is that it's easier to get one of large size and good color than it is to get a comparable natural stone. In fact, lab-created gems are usually of better quality than most of the natural gems you'll find in the market today. They have brighter, richer colors and often have fewer "inclusions," or internal flaws, than most natural stones. It takes an experienced gemologist to tell the difference between a high quality lab-created gem and its natural counterpart.

Synthetic gemstones produced in the United States include alexandrite, coral, diamond, emerald, garnet, lapis lazuli, quartz, ruby, sapphire, spinel and turquoise.

Simulants are also grown in the lab. They have an appearance similar to that of a natural gemstone but have different physical, optical and chemical properties.

Gemstone simulants produced in the United States include coral, cubic zirconia, lapis lazuli, malachite and turquoise. Cubic zirconia is the most popular and well-known simulant by far. This man-made stone looks like a diamond but can cost as little as $2 per carat. Of course, it doesn't have the sparkle of a diamond and isn't nearly as hard. Jewelers can easily tell the difference between natural stones and their simulants.

In the past few years, consumer acceptance of synthetic and simulated gemstones has grown - a direct result of consumers recognizing these stones for their own merits, not just as inexpensive substitutes for natural gemstones.

  Collection: Gemstone Necklace. Gemstones represents the ultimate in beauty.      
    Gemstone necklace; Silver gemstone necklace ; Silver gemstone jewelry      
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