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Top 10 Cheap Bridal Headbands and Wedding Headbands




Bridal headbands and Wedding headbands are the hottest hair accessory this wedding season. Forget about the shoe of the moment or a must-have bag; the latest accessory is worn in your hair.

In fact, Hollywood celebrites like Natalie Portman have been seen wearing headbands to events such as the Oscars. For the Academy Awards, Best Supporting Actress nominee Natalie Portman (for Closer) commands the red carpet in her signature look, a shimmering Art Deco-style Lanvin gown topped off with a sparkling headband. At, you can get a similar look with one of our wedding headbands or bridal headbands.

Bridal headbands work well for all hair types, but be sure to keep them about 1 1/2 inches back from the forehead so that some hair shows in front of it.

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  Renaissance Vintage Bridal Headband - #12733
This headband is 1.75" wide. Plated in Sterling Silver.

$129.95 (sale)

"Protect your Headband with... A Tiara Bag"

  Vine Wedding Headband - #12734
This headband is 1.25" wide. Plated in Sterling Silver.

$79.95 (sale)

"Protect your Headband with... A Tiara Bag"

  Lauren Conrad's CZ Diamond Hair Headband - #15012h
Plated in Sterling Silver.

$49.95 (sale)

"Protect your Headband with... A Tiara Bag"

  2 Row Flower and Baguette Double Headband - #12459
This headband is 1.75" wide. Plated in Sterling Silver.

$69.95 (sale)

"Protect your Headband with... A Tiara Bag"

  Baguette and Crystal Bead Headband - #12011
This headband is 3/4" tall. Plated in Sterling Silver.

$99.95 (sale)

"Protect your Headband with... A Tiara Bag"

  Swirve Rhinestone and Crystal Bead Headband - #12016.
Plated in Sterling Silver.

$49.95 (sale)

"Protect your Headband with... A Tiara Bag"

  3 Row Fancy Rhinestone Triple Headband - #12190
This headband is 1 3/8" wide x 5.5" diameter. Plated in Sterling Silver.

$79.95 (sale)

"Protect your Headband with... A Tiara Bag"

  Leighton Meester Pearl Rhinestone Headband - #13202
With combs. Plated in Sterling Silver.

$49.95 (sale)

"Protect your Headband with... A Tiara Bag"

  Swirve Rhinestone and Crystal Bead Headband - #12015.
Plated in Sterling Silver.

$49.95 (sale)

"Protect your Headband with... A Tiara Bag"

  Bridal Flower Headband - #11684
Plated in Sterling Silver.

$69.95 (sale)

t your Headband with... A Tiara Bag"

  3 Row Pearl and Rhinestone Triple Wedding Headband - #12194
Plated in Sterling Silver.

$59.95 (sale)

t your Headband with... A Tiara Bag"

  More about Bridal Wedding Headbands        

The majority of our headbands are not brand name designer headpieces.  We custom manufacture “design inspired” headbands which closely resemble the photographs but include signature design elements unique to us.  The images shown are reference photographs to illustrate the basic design and cut of the headband.  Our clients frequently make additional modifications and design changes.

We only use high quality fabrics and all our embroidery and beading is hand done.  Each headband is uniquely made for every client and no two are exactly alike.  If you do wish to purchase only a specific designer's label headband then we recommend that you do so via one of their retail stores.  Our intent is to offer clients an exceptional quality, custom made "design inspired" wedding headpiece that is as elegant and unique as each bride. To help you pick a wedding headpiece we have categorized our collection of bridal headbands into the following styles:  

Wedding Headbands
The most popular wedding headband style among brides, our bridal headpieces have been carefully chosen to offer a selection of classic and timeless styles.  Each one creates its own distinct and unique impression intended to accentuate a brides’ elegance and beauty.

Vintage Wedding Headpieces / Renaissance Wedding Headbands
Our vintage wedding headpieces range from modern to the traditional renaissance wedding headpiece along with many other design inspired creations of Victorian and Edwardian Style Wedding Headpieces.  To satisfy the diverse tastes of our clientele we carry a large selection of bridal headbands with a variety of styles. If you're interested in a medieval wedding headpiece please check out our specialty headband gallery.

Rhinestone Bridal Headbands
Our Couture wedding headpiece collection is intended to cater to the more discriminating bride who demands the utmost in elegance and sophistication.  Much like our Sarah Houston designer series headbands these elegant bridal headbands are our most upscale in design and fabric.

Pearl Bridal Wedding Headpieces/ Wedding Headpieces
Our pearl wedding headbands combine classic elegance with a touch of playfulness.  These headpieces embody a passion for spontaneity and they are favorites among the most free spirited and adventurous of brides.   This gallery is where you'll find everything from pearl wedding headpieces to a sleek, formal brial headbands.  Whether your style is informal wedding headpieces, a pearl bridal headpiece or more modest wedding headbands we can accomodate.

Diamond Headbands
Our Diamond wedding headpieces are most often selected by brides who have a higher wedding budget.  

CZ Wedding Headpieces
Our CZ wedding headbands blend luxurious, stones into a close fitting form for brides that want to emphasize their curves and create a truly stunning silhouette.  

Cheap Wedding Headpieces specializes in custom made wedding headbands in both couture and traditional styles which are all available online for your shopping convenience.   Our selection of wedding headpieces range from the always popular rhinestone to stunning pearl headbands, rhinestone wedding headpieces & diamond style headbands, informal weding headbands, casual wedding headpieces and even a line of specialty renaissance bridal headbands.  

All our wedding headpieces are individually made for each and every client with exacting standards and using only the highest quality materials.  Why settle for an off the shelf headband when you can have a custom made headband?  We have many clients who work with us to design their dream wedding headband.  Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life and every bride wants to look elegant and stunning.  Some prefer a couture wedding headpiece while others prefer a more modest look.  Whether it's informal wedding headbands or formal ballheadband styles we have a large selection to choose from.  If you know of a wedding headband style that is discontinued please let us know as we may be able to create an inspired headband to suit your taste.  And please check out our designer wedding headbands under the brand label of Sarah Houston.

We are an exclusively online bridal boutique...this means that all our bridal headbands are only available via our secure web site.  We deliver your headband right to your door in typically 14 weeks after an order to buy is placed.  This allows us to better control our costs and pass the savings on to our clients.  As such we are not your traditional bridal boutique where you can try on headbands...instead we offer an incredible selection of exceptional quality headbands at very affordable prices.  We pride ourselves in delivering superb service, outstanding quality and selection to our customers.  We've had tremendous response to our on-line business model and our customers have repeatedly told us that they were absolutely delighted with their purchase and that the actual headbands looked even better than they did in the photograph. 

If you've never understood why brides would even consider to buy wedding headpieces online then please see Why would I buy a wedding headpiece online section in our FAQ chapter.  Sizing is never an issue since we make each headband individually for every single client...our headbands are not mass produced in volume to later sit gathering dust in a warehouse.  This means that we can provide any of our styles and offer them in both petit and plus size wedding headpieces.

Also, if you've ever had your heart set on a specific style of wedding headpiece and it happens to no longer be available please see our section on bridal headbands.

The right bridal headbands complete the look. At's bridal jewelry store it's easy to find all the right bridal headbands for veils and wedding gowns. Our many diamond bridal headbands are beautiful and affordable, so you can dress up without having to empty your savings. If you want to decorate your ears in delicate elegance, shop our great selection of pearl bridal headbands. No matter what your style may be, you can find the perfect bridal headbands at

Diamonds are a girl's best friend, of course. But they also look great in bride's bridal headbands. offers a wide variety of cheap discount crystal headband bridal headpieces that will sparkle in any light. Each pair of crystal bridal tiaras on our site we also offer rhinestone headbands, so you know you will be getting beautiful look at a great price. If you want to save even more money, browse our cubic zirconia headpieces. Bridal headband and rhinestone gives you the same sparkle as diamonds for less.

We offer numerous wedding fashion crystal wedding headbands accented with your favorite gemstones at You will be pleased with our selection of headbands for bridal, wedding, along with vintage and silver bridal headbands in a variety of elegant designs. For your wedding gown you will want to purchase a pair of our stylish silver fashion and crystal bridal headbands. We let you choose from lots of fun, flirty dangle and wedding headbands. And, of course, you can't go wrong with bridal headbands. Versatile silver bridal headbands add a touch of class to any outfit.

Finding the right bridal headbands has never been so easy. Go ahead and purchase several pairs while you're here--you can afford to spoil yourself at

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