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Holiday Weddings during Christmas & New Year's Eve

There is nothing merrier and more festive than having your wedding take place during the holiday season. And, since this is probably the only time of year that the whole family will be in one place at one time, it is certainly practical!
If the festive holidays are your backdrop of choice, recommends using all the glamorous jewelry, dazzling décor, musical sounds, colors, aromas and sumptuous flavors of the season. A Christmas or New Year's Eve wedding can truly be unforgettable and joyous. Here are some tips for making a holiday wedding merry.

Christmas Weddings
Make memories happen: Have family and friends decorate a tree or gather around the fireplace and enjoy each other's company before the wedding. Honor and pay tribute to the elders and ancestors in your families. Do like celebrity brides and forgo the traditional tiara by pinning rhinestone barrettes and hair buns into their hair. Bring color into your wedding ceremony. If you love white or red poinsettias make them your wedding flower. Or have your wedding party bedecked with crimson accents, such as bow ties or elegant shawls. Instead of tossing rice or flower petals, consider throwing glittering snow flakes. Ring the bells and bring in the music of the holidays. Think Mozart or beautiful opera or choral music for your ceremony ­ holiday-themed tunes for the reception. Adorn the aisle with aromatic garlands and candles instead of ribbons and bows. Inhale the scents of season and warm the soul: Evergreen, cinnamon or juniper scented candles can warm your ceremonial or reception space and create a wonderful atmosphere.

New Year's Eve Weddings
Go for the glitz! A New Year's Eve wedding can definitely take place late at night. Consider fancy appetizers, champagne, black and white photos, big band music or salsa instead of a traditional dinner and music.
At midnight, when the clock strikes twelve, have your wedding party gather your guests to shout out "Happy Newly Weds!" instead of "Happy New Year."

Top 5 Holiday Tips for Brides Planning a Christmas or New Year’s Eve Wedding

It's hard enough to squeeze wedding planning into your busy life. But in the month of December, when Christmas shopping and holiday parties are taking up all your time, how do you still plan a wedding and keep up with the top trends? Here's a look at what's hot in the world of holiday weddings.

1) Diamond or Rhinestone Hair Accessories

Evoke the season with "ice" –diamond or diamond-like jewelry. 90% of wedding dresses are strapless or sleeveless, but that's not so practical for a bride who wants to take pictures outside, or needs to walk any distance. Look for wraps, shrugs, and capes, or dramatic coats. In 2006, we saw celebrity brides forgo the traditional tiara by pinning rhinestone barrettes and hair buns into their hair. A snowflake tiara is one of the best accessory for winter weddings.

2) Color in Unexpected Places

The trend of having colored trim on a wedding dress will continue, but brides will find new ways of incorporating color into their look. Perhaps it will be the blue or bright red bottoms of their shoes, or a colored crinoline underskirt. These are ideal because they don't interrupt the all-white model but they show off a bride's fun side when she is kicking up her heels to dance.

3) Fur and Faux Fur

The ready-to-wear look of fur and faux-fur capelets will make its way to the wedding world with brides adding fur shrugs, or fur trim to their dresses. Don't take this trend too far, or you'll look like you've been attacked by the abominable snowman. But done right, and you've got an elegant cold weather look.

4) Personal and Whimsical Touches

We live in an increasingly personalized world, and weddings are no exceptions to this trend. This trend can be found. in everything from your grandmother's best recipe as part of your menu, to names and places being used instead of numbers on the table assignments., to even whimsical and unique objects as wedding favors.

5) Metallic Embroidery and Fabrics

Metallics have been trendy in fashion recently, as has embroidery and embellishment. In 2006, the two trends will come together with metallic threads being woven into wedding dresses or used in elaborate and simple embroideries.

Celebrity Holiday Wedding - Kate Hudson & Chris Robinson

Actress Kate Hudson and musician Chris Robinson

When: New Year's Eve, 2000

Where: Old Snowmass, Colorado
The Event: Held at a private ranch shared by Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, the event was witnessed by 70 friends and family members. The event celebrated not only the couple's union but also the winter season with a white on white theme including white candles and white flowers. Flowers that compliment the season are a beautiful touch, summer flowers add colour and fun to the season, a Christmas Wedding would benefit from deep reds and strong gold or silvers, you decide.

The Dress: The bride wore a Vera Wong 19th century-inspired dress, a strapless ivory silk duchesse satin ballgown with a hand-stitched corset bodice.

The mother of the bride also wore a Vera Wang creation.

A Special Moment: The wedding ceremony was performed by a Ute Indian shaman beneath a white tent.

The Reception:
Thirty miles from the ranch, the Elk Mountain Lodge served as the reception site for the festivities. Along with plenty of music, the event included dinner of filet mignon and salmon.

Add some starlit touches of your own...
If you liked Chris Robinson and Kate Hudson's nuptials, consider how you can add some touches to your own ceremony.

For example:

• Consider a holiday wedding. Along with New Year's Eve, you can say your vows on Valentine's Day, Christmas, Halloween, or any day you think will be romantic! It doesn't have to be a national holiday though, a special persons birthday, your own or your partners birthday for example.

• Consider a winter wedding. Kate Hudson's wedding proved that a winter wedding can be as hot as a June affair.








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