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Homedics Body Basics ParaSpaElite

Homedics Body Basics ParaSpaElite
The HoMedics ParaSpa Elite's therapeutic effects--relaxed muscles and improved circulation--can help with arthritis, bursitis, and chronic joint inflammation in hands and feet. Modeled after professional paraffin treatments, the kit includes a lidded tub, 60 plastic liners, and 6 pounds of dye- and perfume-free paraffin wax that can be used multiple times. The cool-touch tub is more manageable than many metal tubs and features a heat-control dial and a programmable timer. Illuminated indicator lights, the LED-display digital clock, and the clever hidden cord storage add to the spa's convenience. Though not exactly compact--it has to be large enough to hold a foot--the unit is great for beck-and-call treatments in the comfort of your home.



Homedics Body Basics ParaSpaElite Spa Product Description
Stimulate circulation and soothe aching muscles with the Homedics Body Basics ParaSpaElite. Hands, elbows and feet will benefit from the heat therapy offered by this paraffin wax treatment that is free of dyes and scents and is hypoallergenic. Useful for the relief of pain caused by arthritis, bursitis and chronic joint inflammation, the treatment also softens skin and helps to ease joints. Unit features include auto-on timer, adjustable temperature control, cool-touch tub, LED illuminated display with clock and battery back-up. Includes 6 lbs. of pure paraffin wax and 60 liners.

Customer Reviews
I bought the Homedics Body Basics ParaSpaElite because my feet were extremely dry. Dipping your feet in the paraffin feels wonderful. It's nice that you can vary the heat depending how sensitive your skin is. I've had it for several weeks, after using it a lot the first week or two, the "newness" has worn off. After dipping my feet, the paraffin made them feel greasy more than soft. It's not doing what I had hoped for my feet, but my kids LOVE dipping their hands and feet in wax. -- Amy Clark

The Homedics Body Basics ParaSpaElite works really well. The instructions are really not as complete as I would have liked, but I'm figuring things out. For instance, it says you can leave it on all the time so that it is ready to use when you need it, you can turn the temp down to low for up to 3 weeks and then turn it up whenever you need it, but the instructions don't say whether I should turn it back all the way up to high/melt to liquify the wax and then turn it down to midpoint again, or whether I should just put it back to midpoint from low. I would highly suggest to anyone, that they use a thermometer as well to check the temperature of the wax, the instructions suggest testing it on your wrist, but it takes way longer than I would have thought to come back down to usable temperature from the high/melt setting. You should use this when the wax temperature is between 121 and 131 I think that is what it said, when I tested it after melting it for the first time, it was 150 degrees!! I'm very glad I did not test that on my wrist as I would certainly have gotten a burn. All in all, it works really well as far as what a paraffin treatment is supposed to do, it helps the arthritis in my hands, and they are nice and soft. It really is a luxurious treatment. I currently have it plugged in on my kitchen counter and use it about once a day if not twice. I have not tried it on feet or elbows yet, but I'm sure one day I will. This model is definately one of the best, because you can leave it on all the time and it is big enought to use on your feet if you wanted to. The models that you have to plug in only when you use it need at least a couple of hours to warm up the wax each time, that to me would be a tremendous inconvenience. I love this item and would recommend it to anyone who wants a bit of spa luxury at home. -- Sue Jackson

My sister and I bought this for my Mom for Mother's Day. She has severe arthritis and is in constant pain. She loooooved this spa treatment. She said it was soothing and comforting to the pain in her hands and afterwards she had a bit more dexterity from the warmth. She keeps it on her kitchen counter and uses it as often as possible. So.... I'm getting one now! -- Chris Odell

I have had this product for about six months now and I use it about 3 times a week. I bought it because my hands were getting dry and ruff feeling and embarrrassed me. I garden allot and I could not find a lotion that would heal my hands. This did the trick. My hands look and feel younger and even my nails are looking like I spend time in a spa. Now I look for rings I can wear that bring attention to my pretty hands. I also have very bad pain in my joints and it is just wonderful to feel the pain go away with a hand bath in the warm wax. -- Sandra Bay

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