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  Cheap Collar Necklace and Bib Necklace  

Collar and Bib Necklace are one of the hottest jewelry accessories today. For cheap collar necklace and bib necklace, simply browse our collection below.

Fact: Necklaces are some of the most beautifully crafted jewelry pieces of the past two centuries.
Any woman who’s ever wanted to be queen for one day understands the appeal of the most magnificently impractical of accessories, the necklace. Once an aristocratic status symbol, more recently seen mainly in the Red Carpet and Oscars, the necklace today is enjoying a tongue in-cheek style revival. What more more necklaces? Check out our collection below.

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  Flower Bib Necklace
- #11697
$189.95 (sale)

  Tube Necklace and Earring
- #11917

$149.95 (sale)

  Octagon Flower Necklace Set - #11695

$189.95 (sale)


Octagon Flower Necklace Set
- #11695

$189.95 (sale)

  Three Row Graduated Necklace and Earring Set - #12683

$149.95 (sale)

  Web Collar Necklace -  #11441

$189.95 (sale)
  Graduated Loop Necklace and Earring Set
- #12201

$179.95 (sale)

  Diamond Cut Heart Chandelier Necklace
- #11524

$199.95 (sale)
  Crystal Drop Necklace
- #11528

$199.95 (sale)
  Pear Bib Necklace - #11482

$199.95 (sale)
Dangling Block Necklace
- #11523

$299.95 (sale)
  Graduated Spray Necklace and Earrings - #11659
$149.95 (sale)

The restored Bourbon monarchs, after 1815, encouraged the display of extravagant jewelry at the French court. Furthermore, English jewelers created some of the finest necklaces of the 19th Century. This period also marked the first time that necklaces became associated with weddings; hence the birth of the wedding necklace.

During the 1840's, Queen Victoria led England into a time of prosperity and wealth. Also prosperous, France declared the Second Empire in 1852 with the crowning of Emperor Napoleon III, giving birth to a new era of brilliance for Parisian high-society. Across Europe, court life flourished and magnificent jewelry became the fashion. The Russian aristocracy, took the extravagance of the Europeans to a new level in the latter part of the 19th century, with a greater display of luxury and wealth than any other nation. Jewelers of St. Petersburg and Paris crafted breathtaking necklace designs for the The Grand Duchesses. During the first decade of the 20th century, more necklaces were worn than ever before. For the crowning of King Edward II in 1902 and Kind George V in 1911, new necklaces were made. During "necklace nights" at the Paris Opera, women showed off many unique necklace designs.

During World War I, necklaces began to be replaced by simpler bandeaux and aigrettes, but despite of the great social and economic changes brought about at this time, necklaces endured. To go with the bobbed hairdos and pared down clothing of the 1920's, jewelers created new necklace designs. With the coming of WW II, the 1930's necklace revival came to an end. After that, the necklace never regained their former prominent status. In modern times, there has been a resurgence in the use of necklaces for weddings.

The modern collar necklace makes it affordable for any bride to display grandeur and an air of royalty as she walks down the isle. Necklaces have moved away from the exclusive circle of people who could afford to wear diamonds, rubies, and gold on their heads, to the everyday person. There are many necklaces to choose from today. Look through our selection of collar necklaces.

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