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  Top 10 Online Pearl Earrings

Find Pearl Earrings in Any Price Range...

There's a pair of pearl earrings to suit any occasion. You'll find every style of pearl earrings in this group, from simple pearl studs to wear with just about anything, pearl dangles for dressy outings, and pearls combined with gemstones for times when you'd like a little more color.

All of the pearl earrings displayed here are sorted by price, so choose a group that's within your budget and go take a look. (You might find a few mother of pearl examples in the mixture.)

1) Pearl Earrings Up to $25

Cultured freshwater pearls are very affordable, so this price grouping of pearl earrings includes more styles than you might imagine. A few inexpensive earrings in this category are made from "faux," or fake, pearls. Be sure to read the descriptions carefully so that you understand exactly what you are purchasing.

2) Pearl Earrings from $25 to $50

This price category is the starting point for pearl earring selections that are a little more intricately designed. You'll find cubic zirconias combined with the pearls and a few examples of other gemstones worked into designs, such as small peridot cuts.

3) Pearl Earrings from $50 to $75

Saltwater pearls begin to show up in this price grouping, and the freshwater pearls seem to be of a higher quality, larger and more uniform, with thicker nacre and more lustre.

4) Pearl Earrings from $75 to $100

Pearls here continue to grow in quality and size. When you're looking at the earrings in all categories, remember that nearly all pearls available today are cultured pearls, grown for commerce, not pearls that started life by chance. They do differ in quality and origins. This article about pearls will help you understand the differences.

5) Pearl Earrings from $100 to $150

If you prefer black saltwater pearls, this is the category to start with. There are a few in the price group just below this, but more (and larger) black pearls begin to show up here.

6) Pearl Earrings from $150 to $200

More diamonds, 14K gold, intricate designs, larger saltwater pearls, colorful gemstones--you'll find all of those worked into the designs in this assortment of pearl earrings.

7) Pearl Earrings from $200 to $300

Large Tahitian and other saltwater pearls steal the show in this collection. The pearls are the main focus here, often placed in simple but elegant settings.

8) Pearl Earrings from $300 to $400

This group continues the escalation in size and content of other gemstones.

9) Pearl Earrings from $400 to $500

Very large pearls, many set in 18K gold, dominate this category. Start here if you're looking for high end pearls.

10) Pearl Earrings Over $500

Another step up, and this one has no limits. There are fewer selections in this category, but the earrings here are gorgeous.

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