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Victorian Necklace - Sterling Silver Victorian Necklace

Victorian necklaces were inspired from the Victorian era of Great Britain marked by the height of the British industrial revolution. Queen Victoria ascended the throne in 1837, ruling Great Britain until her death in 1901. As the first female monarch in over a century, Victoria became the predominant trendsetter for women of her time. In general, her reign was one of peace and prosperity.

Semi-precious stones like rhinestones and crystals were used to keep victorian necklaces affordable for the mass market.


Victorian Necklace - Sterling silver Victorian Necklace for women
Dazzling victorian necklace. Add a dash of unexpected sparkle to your ensemble while grabing everyone's attention with this Victorian 1920's necklace. This sterling silver cz victorian necklace has a width of 2.25" and from 11.75" to 14.75". Plated in Sterling Silver.



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  Collection: Victorian Necklaces - Victorian jewelry represents the 1920's era.      
    Victorian Necklace gift; Victorian Necklace pendant; Victorian Necklace jewelry      
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