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  Are There Ways To Save Money On Wedding Day Jewelry?

Answer: Wedding-day jewelry doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Whether you borrow or go bare, you can have beautiful accessories on any budget.

Family Heirlooms. Don’t hesitate to ask family and friends to borrow jewelry that you admire. If you happen to have an amazing piece of jewelry at your disposal, wear it.  Those who are close to you may feel honored to fulfill the “something borrowed” category for your wedding day.  Jewelry that has been in your family for generations also has a special feel.  Imagine wearing the same strand of pearls that your mother or grandmother wore to their weddings.  Plus, vintage jewelry is very popular right now and can lend an added dimension to your bridal look.

Faux Jewelry. If you don’t have access to real diamonds or precious gemstones, look for some fabulous fakes. These days it’s hard to distinguish costume jewelry from authentic gems. Check out local bridal boutiques and department stores that offer an array of faux pearl earrings and necklaces. Imitation diamonds, such as cubic zirconias, are wonderful as well, and many of the pieces combine the costume pearl and diamonds together for a sparkly and classic look.

Keep It Simple. If your dress already has beautiful beading or lace, keep your jewelry to a minimum so that it does not outshine the ornate detailing. You may even want to forego a necklace altogether and instead concentrate on finding the perfect pair of earrings to complement your dress.


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