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Top 7 Online Wedding Hair Accessories

When it comes to your wedding day, the hair accessories you choose can change the entire mood of your gown. Play princess in a sparkling tiara, be bohemian in a flowery garland or go grown-up with a chic chapeau.

Brides have several choices when it comes to hair accessories. The least expensive option is the use of decorated hair pins. Most hair stylists will use plain or decorated hair pins when setting your up do or other salon style. Hair pins can be purchased from a variety of accessory stores or can be custom made. They can be scattered throughout your hair or grouped together depending on the look you and your stylist hope to attain. Hair pins range in price and brides usually require 6 to 10 pins depending on the hair style and thickness of your hair.

A more expensive option is a fancy hair comb. Hair combs are usually used by stylists to finish the look of an up do or to replace a tiara. Hair combs can be store bought or custom made and are usually decorated with a combination of crystals and pearls. Hair combs come in a variety of sizes and can also be used to secure your veil in place. The most expensive option is a tiara.

Tiaras can be anything from simple wire and beads to gold and diamonds used by celebrities! Tiaras can be a very creative aspect of your look, from a traditional to a more whimsical style, and use a variety of materials ranging from Austrian crystals to sea shells!

Whether you have long or short or long, straight or curly, thick or thin locks, there is an ideal hair accessory or jewel for you.  The key to success with hair adornments is to know what gems will be most compatible for your hair and match it to the event you are attending.

If you have fine, thin or slippery hair look for hair accessories that grip, stick, cling or clip. Medium to thick hair benefits from larger pieces such as barrettes, hairpins, and hair clips. Short hair does best with smaller accent pieces while long hair can wrap around jeweled pony holders and hairpins. Curly and wavy hair needs pieces that can offer control, convenience and good looks. 

Hair jewels and decorations have been popular for thousands of years.  Fads and fashions may come and go but one thing is certain.  People will always embrace twinkles from head to toe. Below, is a list of the top 7 hair accessories you can choose for your wedding:

1. Hair Barrettes
A barrette that fastens to the back of the head, to which the veil is then attached. The hair barrette is often decorated with flowers, beads, or bows. The barrette is one of those super functional hair accessories.  Not only are they available in every size, shape and color, they are designed with pop clasps that will help keep the accessory in place all day long.   Barrettes can be used as a mock ponytail holder or to secure a messy twist.  They can hold all or part of the hair in place.  maller decorative wire barrettes have been quite popular over the past few years.  Perfect for short, fine or medium textured hair, they can instantly get lost or tangled up in super curly or wavy styles.  The wire models also are perfect for accenting a section of bangs or floating above the ear. 

2. Bunwrap (also also bun cages and bun covers)
Fairly self-explanatory, the bunwrap is a circular band that encircles a bun or updo.

3. Hair Comb (also also tiara combs)
As the name implies, this type of headpiece is held to the head with comb teeth for extra security. Although a full sized crown and large hair comb are ideal for long or thick locks, tiara combs that perch right at the crown can work well for fine or short hair styles.   Hair combs come in all sizes and shapes and can work with hair of any texture that is short to long.  Hair combs can either be attached to a veil and worn on top of the head, or adorned with flowers and beads and used to cap off an upswept hairstyle. Utilize rhinestone encrusted combs to hold hair elegantly back from the face.  Or use a ring of smaller combs to accent a ballerina bun updo. Combs never seem to go out of style and remain popular with all ages from young to old.

4. Hair Pins
Fun, funky, jeweled or plain, double and triple pronged large hair pins can be worn as a functional hair tool to hold medium to longer locks knotted or wrapped securely in place. Elegantly handcrafted hair sticks with gorgeous one-of-a-kind Austrian Crystals and stunning jewels are popular for weddings and just about any dressy event.

4. Crown
Different from a tiara, a crown is a full circular piece that sits atop the head and is adorned with stones, gems, or beads. Smaller than a crown, but greater in height than a tiara, the half crown is a half circle of jewels that sits atop the head.

5. Headband
A band of varying width that closely follows the shape of the head. Think Jackie O.

6. Tiara
A tiara is a jeweled or beaded semi-circle worn on top of the head.


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